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GTFS Transit Route Viewer

This application is a viewer to display general transit feed specification (GTFS) data in a web browser. Its intent is to act as an auditing tool for GTFS data or to be modified for implementation with a transit agency trip planning system.

GTFS Viewer Screenshot


V0.1a, Build XX, Released 2015-08-XX (COMING SOON)


Start a local web server by running the following from the command line:


Load the following web page to interact with the program:



This software is currently considered in ALPHA status, meaning that testing is still ongoing and all functionality has yet to be implemented. Use at your own risk.

The current version has primarily been released as proof-of-concept and is not ready for production purposes at this time.

Development and testing to date has primarily been in the Google Chrome browser. Unexpected functionality may occur with other browsers at this time.

Open-source GTFS transit data was used in the testing of this application from the following transit agencies:


The GTFS Viewer is built upon several third-party, open-source dependency packages to provide functionality.


  • Flask >=0.10.1
  • pandas >=0.16.1
  • requests >=2.2.1


  • JQuery >=1.11.2
  • Bootstrap >=3.3.4
  • Moment >=2.10.3
  • Bootstrap-DateTimePicker >=4.14.30
  • Spin >=2.3.1
  • Google Maps API >=3.21

Current Features

The GTFS Viewer presently features the following functionality:

  • Select GTFS files from preloaded, unzipped dropdown. Folder structure uses './[UUID]/[Timestamp]/' structure to contain unzipped GTFS files.
  • Select from routes loaded on-the-fly from GTFS files.
  • Specify date/time of trip desired.
  • API based on agency, route, and date/time request will fetch route polylines and dynamically display on map using Google Maps API.
  • Zoom in to see stop level detail and stop locations.

Future Development

Ongoing development of this repository may include the following potential features:

  • Pull GTFS data directly from
  • Upload functionality for zipped GTFS files.
  • Inter-relation with other stops and routes.

Project Inspiration

Why did I create this project? Honestly, similar applications have been created for transit agencies, so this really is nothing new.

This project was created so that I could further develop my skills in the following areas:

  • Using the Flask Python framework for API backend development.
  • Working with the GTFS protocol for transit planning and routing.
  • Gain more experience using the Pandas Python package for data analysis.


For questions or information about this repository, please contact:


This code is released under the MIT License

Copyright (c) 2015 Jon Kostyniuk


This repository is for the development of a GTFS viewer to display transit route data in a web browser.



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