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This card is made to work with the Entur public transport component.
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Entur Card

This card is made to work with the Entur public transport component. You will have to configure the Entur component before you can use this card. To easily extract stop id's from entur you can log in here with username and password guest.


⚠️ Unfortunately there is currently no provided method to define a start and a stop station with entur. But you can add a whitelist of lines so that you can force only relevant results.


  • Copy the entur-card.js file to your config/www
  • Add entur-card.js as a dependency in your ui-lovelace.yaml
  - url: /local/entur-card.js?v=1
    type: js

⚠️ Make sure you change v=1 to a higher number every time you update your card with new code!

Options for card


type (string)(Required) custom:entur-card

name (string)(Required) Name of the card

show_clock (boolean) Display clock

show_next (boolean) Display next line if true

show_human: (boolean)(Optional) Display human readable time if true

show_extra_departures: (boolean) Requires number_of_departures defined in your entur compontent.

entities (list)(Required) A list of entity IDs or entity objects, see below.

Options For Entities

If you define entities as objects instead of strings, you can add more customization and configuration:


entity (string)(Required) Home Assistant entity ID.

name (string)(Optional) Overwrites friendly name.

destination (string)(Optional) Destination to show in title (Only for visual representation).

Configure the new card inside ui-lovelace.yaml

Example configuration for this card.

- type: custom:entur-card
  name: Rutetider
  show_clock: true
  show_next: true
  show_human: true
  show_extra_departures: true
    - entity: sensor.transport_studentersamfundet
      name: Studentersamfundet
      destination: Halstein Gård
    - entity: sensor.transport_trondheim_s_platform_4
      name: Trondheim Sentralbanestasjon
    - entity: sensor.transport_trondheim_lufthavn
      name: Trondheim lufthavn

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