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Release Date: 2018-09-28


Release Date: 2018-02-13

  • Added new auto_format_on_save_requires_prettier_config setting that will enable/disable auto format on save only if a Prettier config file is (or isn't) found.

    The Prettier config file is resolved by first checking if a --config </path/to/prettier/config>
    is specified in the additional_cli_args setting, then by searching the location of the file being formatted, and finally navigating up the file tree until a config file is (or isn't) found.


Release Date: 2018-01-12


Release Date: 2017-12-09

  • Added support for arrowParens option. Configure formatting to include parentheses around a sole arrow function parameter. Requires Prettier v1.9+.


Release Date: 2017-11-10

  • Added support for formatting Markdown files (requires Prettier v1.8+).


Release Date: 2017-09-23

  • Added new setting for requirePragma option.
  • Allow formatting to take place when Prettier reports non-fatal errors. For example, when Prettier reports warnings (to stderr) about unknown options (#63, #64, #67, #68, #72).


Release Date: 2017-09-05

  • Added support for setting a custom Prettier config path (viaadditional_cli_args setting), or disabling Prettier config discovery all together; using the additional_cli_args setting.

    See the docs for more details and config examples.


Release Date: 2017-09-02

  • Prettier configuration files are now automatically resolved via the prettier --find-config-path <target_file_to_format> command. Requires prettier v1.6+.


Release Date: 2017-09-01

  • Add support for reading configuration options from Prettier configuration files (e.g.: .prettierrc files). Requires prettier v1.6+.


Release Date: 2017-07-02

  • Added new auto_format_on_save_excludes setting to ignore auto formatting when the target file, or its path resides in a particular location, and when auto_format_on_save is turned on.


Release Date: 2017-06-29


Release Date: 2017-06-07

  • Added the new setting max_file_size_limit to restrict Prettier formatting based on file size.


Release Date: 2017-06-05

  • Added new setting additional_cli_args for appending additional arguments to the prettier cli command.


Release Date: 2017-06-04

  • Added new setting to allow formatting custom file extensions.
  • Support for CSS formatting (requires Prettier v1.4+).
  • Built-in support for TypeScript.


Release Date: 2017-04-13

  • Added support for new --semi and --use-tabs options.


Release Date: 2017-03-08

  • Introduced new debug (bool) setting. When enabled (true), additional debugging information about the command and configured settings will be printed to the Sublime Text Console; useful for troubleshooting purposes.


Release Date: 2017-02-24

  • Added the ability to specify a custom node path, via the node_path setting.


Release Date: 2017-02-20


Release Date: 2017-02-19

  • Added support for the modified trailingComma option. The trailingComma option controls the printing of trailing commas wherever possible.

    Valid options are:

    • "none" -- No trailing commas
    • "es5" -- Trailing commas where valid in ES5 (objects, arrays, etc)
    • "all" -- Trailing commas wherever possible (function arguments)


Release Date: 2017-02-18

  • Added the new setting allow_inline_formatting (defaults to false) which provides the ability to format selections of in-lined JavaScript code, outside of the normal JavaScript syntax. For example, to format a selection of JavaScript code within a PHP or HTML file. When true, the JsPrettier command is available for use across all Sublime Text syntaxes.


Release Date: 2017-02-16

  • Added format on save support for .jsx files.


Release Date: 2017-02-16

  • Added support for the new jsxBracketSameLine option. When jsxBracketSameLine is true (the default is false), right-angle brackets > of multi-line jsx elements will be placed at the end of the last line, instead of being alone on the next line. You may be required to update to the latest version of the Prettier to leverage the jsxBracketSameLine option (available since v0.17.0).


Release Date: 2017-02-10

  • Now when the auto_format_on_save setting is set to true, the entire file will always be formatted.
  • Removed extra line-breaks injected by the prettier cli command at the end of selected regions and entire file.
  • Added Context Menu shortcut.


Release Date: 2017-01-28

  • Added support for merging selective prettier_options in the User JsPrettier.sublime-settings file.


Release Date: 2017-01-22

  • Introduced less aggressive error reporting (#4). Errors generated by the prettier cli are written to Sublime Text's console output window, instead of an alert dialog.


Release Date: 2017-01-21

  • Removed the node_path option from settings.
  • Added new prettier_cli_path setting for those wanting to explicitly set the path to the prettier executable/command.
  • Removed support for local prettier installations stored in the Sublime Text Package directory.
  • Improved detection of environment prettier path.


Release Date: 2017-01-19

  • Incorporated new prettier option to specify which parser to use. Valid options for parser are flow and babylon. The useFlowParser option has been deprecated, in favor of the new parser option.


Release Date: 2017-01-19

  • Removed the default value for "node_path", and internally try to sniff out the appropriate path.


Release Date: 2017-01-18

  • Fixed package path to use "JsPrettier" instead of "SublimeJsPrettier". Previously caused the "Default" settings file not to open from the Main Menu.

  • Added notice regarding local installations of Prettier. The node_modules directory will be deleted after every package update pushed by Package Control.


Release Date: 2017-01-18