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-Carat is a Ruby-like programming language written in Ruby.
+Carat is a Ruby-like programming language written in Ruby. It was written for the third year project as part of my Computer Science degree. You can download the write-up here if you like:
-Its goal is to be very simple language with a straightforward, understandable implementation. I intend to use it to explore different ideas for syntax and semantics.
-Carat is currently written as an interpreter, but I may implement it as a virtual machine and compiler in the future.
-I'm working on this as an academic project during the 3rd year of my degree at Oxford University. It will be under heavy development until about March 2010.
+I gave a talk to the London Ruby User Group about it, on July 12th 2010. They have put the slide up here: They also filmed it, but unfortunately don't seem to have uploaded that (the slide don't make a lot of sense on their own).

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