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@@ -17,19 +17,25 @@ for discussion.
``` ruby
class ApplicationController
- include FocusedController::Mixin
+ class Action < ApplicationController
+ include FocusedController::Mixin
+ end
module PostsController
- class Index < ApplicationController
+ class Action < ApplicationController::Action
+ before_filter :authenticate
+ end
+ class Index < Action
expose(:posts) { Post.recent.limit(5) }
- class New < ApplicationController
+ class New < Action
expose(:post) { }
- class Singular < ApplicationController
+ class Singular < Action
expose(:post) { Post.find params[:id] }
before_filter { redirect_to root_path unless post.accessible_to?(current_user) }
@@ -49,22 +55,19 @@ module PostsController
-Some notes:
-* You can include `FocusedController::Mixin` anywhere, so you don't have
- to use Focused Controller in every single controller if you don't want
- to
-* `expose` makes the object returned by the block available in your view
- template. It also memoizes the result so the block will only be
- executed once.
-* It is not necessary to specify `:only` or `:except` on the before
- filter, since we declare the filter for exactly the actions we want it
- to run on. Rails has many methods which accept action names to limit
- what they get applied to - this is basically irrelevant with Focused
- Controller due to the increased granularity that having a class for each
- action gives us.
-* The `#call` method is what gets invoked when the action runs, so put
- the 'active ingredients' in here.
+You can include `FocusedController::Mixin` anywhere, so you don't have
+to use Focused Controller in every single controller if you don't want
+to. I find it useful to define `ApplicationController::Action` and
+inherit from that where needed.
+The `#call` method is what gets invoked when the request is served.
+The `#expose` declaration defines a method which runs the block and
+memoizes the result. It also makes `post` a helper method so you can
+call it from the view template.
+The `before_filter` in Singular is inherited by precisely the actions
+that need it, so we don't need to specify `:only` or `:except`.
## Routing ##
@@ -224,7 +227,7 @@ describe UsersController do
include FocusedController::RSpecHelper
describe UsersController::Create do
- test "should create user" do
+ it "creates a user" do
subject.params = { user: { name: 'Jon' } }
expect { }.to change(User, :count).by(1)
response.should redirect_to(user_path(subject.user))

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