Respond with 404 when there is no matching FC class #24

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When an ActionController method that corresponds to the URL is missing, it throws an ActionNotFound exception and a custom error page is rendered. This is helpful in production. Do you think something similar should happen in FC too?


jonleighton commented Jan 8, 2013

Yes, I reckon so.

Just remembered about this and even created a patch, but then realized that it's not an issue if available actions are specified via only and except options on resources because in that case rails already returns 404.


jonleighton commented Mar 23, 2013

Yeah, proper use of only and except prevents this, but I still think it would be nice to return a 404 by default rather than the "constant not found" error we get at the moment.


jonleighton commented Mar 23, 2013

Would be good to see the patch if you've written it anyway!

Cool, attached the patch.


jonleighton commented Mar 24, 2013

Sweet, patch looks good but the build seems to be broken: any ideas?

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