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Development: Version 1.3.1
Bug fixes
* PyPhantomJS: Fix bug in CookieJar where QSettings expected str, but got QByteArray instead (PyPhantomJS issue 10)
2011-09-23: Version 1.3.0 "Water Lily"
Bug fixes
* Fixed open() and POST method, without specifying the finished handler
* Fixed script execution warning dialog (issue 165)
* Added WebPage.release() to free the web page from memory (issue 154)
* Added special handling of about:blank (issue 235)
* Made a separate network access manager for each page (issue 190)
New features
* Introduced file system API based on CommonJS Filesystem proposal (issue 129)
* Added support for persistent cookies (issue 91)
* Added event handling, currently only for mouse events (issue 234)
* Added page scroll position (issue 162)
* Added HTTP authentication support (issue 45)
* Added callback for page initialization (issue 143)
* Added support to specify script and output encoding (issue 186)
* Added option to allow local content to do cross-domain access (issue 28)
* Added support to apply configurations from a JSON file (issue 180)
* Added a convenient WebPage initialization construction (issue 206)
* Added option to limit the size of disk cache (issue 220)
* Added a new example on using Modernizr to detect features (issue 144)
* Fixed pizza.js example to use Mobile Yelp (issue 200)
* Fixed example due to wrong indentation (issue 225)
* Added an example to show live network traffic (issue 227)
* Added an example demonstrating different output encodings (issue 186)
2011-06-21: Version 1.2.0 "Birds of Paradise"
Version 1.2.0 is a major update. It introduces a whole set of new API.
Bug fixes
* Fixed rendering a very large web page (issue 54)
* Fixed reporting of CoffeeScript compile error (issue 125)
New features
* Added callback for console message (issue 12)
* Improved security model via WebPage object (issue 41)
* Added support for POST, HEAD, PUT, and DELETE (issue 88)
* Scripts filename is now passed as phantom.scriptName
* Added callback to capture resource requests and responses (issue 2)
* Added the ability to load external JavaScript (issue 32)
* Ported examples to use WebPage object
* Added a new example to upload an image to
* Added a new example to show HTTP POST feature
* Added a new example to sniff network traffic and save it in HAR format
2011-04-27: Version 1.1.0 "Cherry Blossom"
Fixed the script loading to use UTF-8 encoding (Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
Added check for system proxy setting (Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
Fixed building with Cygwin and Qt 4.5 (John Dalton).
Added a new example: driver for QUnit tests (Łukasz Korecki).
Fixed issue #20: problem with JPG transparent color (Alessandro Portale).
Fixed issue #9: ignore first line starting with #! (Matthias, aka fourplusone).
Fixed issue #7: support for file upload for form submission (Matthias, aka fourplusone).
Fixed issue #35: support for disabling images loading (Ariya Hidayat).
Fixed issue #14: enable or disable plugins (Ariya Hidayat).
Added a new example: using Canvas to produce the color wheel (Ariya Hidayat).
Added support for rasterizing as GIF image (Ariya Hidayat).
Added support for CoffeeScript (Ariya Hidayat).
Fixed issue #19: option for setting the proxy (Clint Berry, Ariya Hidayat).
Python implementation using PyQt (James Roe).
Fixed issue #17: Specify paper size for PDF export (Alessandro Portale).
Fixed issue #60: Win32 and OS/2 icon files (Salvador Parra Camacho).
Added clipping rectangle to the render function (Wouter de Bie).
Added an example on sychronous waiting (Gabor Torok).
Added command line option to use disk cache (Jon Turner).
Added text extracting example (Weston Ruter).
Fixed issue #93: Build with Qt < 4.7 (Ariya Hidayat).
Ported all examples to CoffeeScript (Robert Gieseke).
2011-01-17: Version 1.0.0
Initial launch.
The API is centralized at the 'phantom' object (as child of
window object) which has the properties: args, content,
loadStatus, state, userAgent, version, viewportSize, and
the following functions: exit, open, render, sleep.
Several examples are included, among others: web page rasterizer,
weather service, headless test framework driver, and many others.