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@freeserf @zhanglab
Curiositry curiositry

OSS enthusiast/evangelist. I build “web stuff”, read big books, hotfix my own software, and poke at a typewriter in attempt to prove Infinite Monkey Theorem ⌨ Canada

Noah naltun

pronounced 'en-ahl-toon' or 'en-aal-toon'

Lamphouse Media, LLC Scotland

Théophile Choutri tchoutri

French student, ambassador of funk amongst mortals and Erlang VM lover.

Romainville, France

Simakis Panagiotis sp1thas

Undergraduate student interested in Web Development, Data Mining, Digital RIghts, Privacy issues and IT Security. Passionate with GNU/Linux. keybase: spithas

CEID University of Patras Athens, Greece

Haden Wasserbaech spartanhaden

I build autonomous robots and study computer engineering.

Michigan Technological University Michigan, USA

Valmor valmormn

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Patrick Mylund Nielsen patrickmn

Make software out of steel, not clay

New York City

Suzeanne Speir suzeanne

=^.^= Meowsville

Vlad Andrei Anghene avaprime

clojurer of might and magic

WhiteCityCode Alba Iulia

Chatchai Saratakij CSaratakij

Indie Game Developer. Self-taught programmer. Passionate about game development.

Mimikko-Studio Pathum Thani, Thailand

Jacky Alciné jalcine

Advocate for social equality. Not Your Respectable Negro.

@lyft Oakland, California

Tech Guy Software TGSoftware

NOTE: My project updates are moving to NotABug to support open-source software/increase awareness. I am still contributing to projects only available on GitHub.

Andrés Muñoz andru255

FrontEnd Developer

@frontend-labs Lima, Perú

Emanuele Ballarin ehteqx

Physics student, science & technology enthusiast, data addict. Quantitativist, consequentialist, reason lover. Mainly Fortran, C++, Python, MATLAB, Mathematica

Department of Physics, University of Trieste (Student) Trieste - Pordenone, Italy

Mr. Outis MrOutis

Creating a bio...


Cathal Garvey cathalgarvey

I love free software, open data, and hacking up good code over tea.


Saravanan SYR saravntbe

:heartbeat:அடி ஏழேழு ஜென்மம் ஆனாலும், :two_hearts:நீ இல்லாம நான் இல்லடி :heartpulse: :revolving_hearts: :sparkling_heart: :octocat: Front-End Developer

Salem , INDIA

Sagar Panchal sagarpanchal

Learning Web Designing and Web Development

Surat, India.

Cristian Umaña cumanacr

¡Pura Vida! Me gusta leer, I see #tech people :)

@lionixevolve Costa Rica

Benjamin Limpich blimpich

Student at Whitman College

Ventura California

Michal Paszkiewicz MichalPaszkiewicz

Just a guy who likes to make things @MichalYouDoing

Transport for London London, England

Fábio Santos ffsantos92

Hey there! I'm Fábio, a Software Engineer who cares about using the best practices to build great products and services :+1:

La Redoute International Leiria Area, Portugal

Anurag El Dorado aedorado

Student @ IIIT Allahabad. Developer. Researcher.


Doaa Altarawy doaa-altarawy

PhD, CS, Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA

Michael Chen huamichaelchen

Associate DevOps Engineer @ ResMed Inc.

Halifax, NS, Canada

Krasiyan Nedelchev krasiyan


@camplight Sofia, Bulgaria

Iago Dahlem Lorensini iagodahlem

CWI Software Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brazil

Lenore Martin martinlenore

@uri @rockefeller @UCLA @Northwestern

@uri Kingston, RI USA

Vivek Patani vivekpatani

Indiana University Bloomington, IN

Mimis K MimisK13

Greece, Thessaloniki

Vivek Rai vivekiitkgp

Python | Computational Biology

IIT Kharagpur

Jean Paul Ruiz jpruiz114

Cat lover, lego fanatic, full stack developer, big data and math passionate.

Clearwater, Florida

Bruno P. Kinoshita kinow

Computer geek from São Paulo

Spark Ventures Auckland, New Zealand