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/r/churning Flair Selector

This is a site that allows users of a subreddit to select flair. This was specifically made for /r/churning but can be easily adapted to any other subreddit. The announcement for this service was made here.

Set up

Create a file called config.js. It should have the following format:

module.exports = {
  web_app_secret: "",
  web_app_id: "",
  redirect: "",
  mod_username: "",
  mod_password: "",
  mod_script_id: "",
  mod_script_secret: "",
  subreddit: ""

You must first navigate to the apps page for the account you want to handle the flair selection. That URL is

When there, you need to create 2 apps. You must create a web app (which will handle the retrieval of user profile information) and you must also create a personal script app. You will have 2 sets of app IDs and secrets. The personal script is what is actually used to set the user flair.

Note that the user must A) be a mod of the subreddit and B) must have the flair permission.

Key Value
web_app_secret Web application secret
web_app_id Web application id
redirect Redirect url (i.e. while developing, http://localhost:3000, while in prod
mod_username Username of mod account
mod_password Password of mod account
mod_script_id Personal script id
mod_script_secret Personal script secret
admin_pass HTTP Auth password for the admin page
subreddit Subreddit that the user is a mod of


Copy and paste the following section to get started.

git clone
cd Churning-Flair-Selector-Site
echo 'module.exports = {
        web_app_secret: "",
        web_app_id: "",
        redirect: "",
        mod_username: "",
        mod_password: "",
        mod_script_id: "",
        mod_script_secret: "",
        admin_pass: "",
        subreddit: ""
      };' > config.js
yarn install

Fill out the sections in config.js, then start the application with npm start or node bin/www.

The other part you'll need to change is the front end filtering logic in public/js/main.js. Currently it assumes a format similar to that in public/data/flairs.json, which is for airports, since this application was originally made for /r/churning. You'll want to change the logic around displaying, filtering, and retrieving the various flair options.


This is currently maintained by @jonluca on GitHub and /u/JonLuca on reddit. Feel free to fork this and modify it for your subreddit. This site is provided with the MIT license.