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View your rideshare profile statistics!

To use this extension, go to and sign in. Then click the extension logo from the top bar in Chrome!



Currency conversion for total spent and averages are currently done using a locally cached conversion chart. It uses exchange rates as of 2/3/2018. These will slowly become incorrect, and may need updating.

They were taken from Copy the column and use the following regex replace to update.

The regex for matching is (.*)? (.*)? (.*) (.*). Replace with "$1":"$4", and place in rates key within currency.json.


5/29/19: Added ability to view total spent by month, updated currencies

11/12/22: Rewrote in React/Vite, fixed query logic to use ubers new API, rewrote front end to use data, deprecated ubereats due to changes


Thanks to Roberto Andrade for the designs of the stats page.