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Vite Typescript React 18 SSR

Node CI

A blazingly modern web development stack. This template repo tries to achieve the minimum viable example for each of the following:



yarn dev:server

That should start the server. It will open to http://localhost:7456.

If you'd like to just develop the UI, you can use

yarn dev:client

To start the native vite client.


yarn build
yarn serve

yarn build will create the assets in dist - a client and server folder. Serve will run dist/server.js with Node, but feel free to change this to use Docker or some other process manager to suit your deployment needs.


eslintrc.js - a barebones eslint configuration for 2021, that extends off of the recommended ESLint config and prettier

.prettierrc.js - the prettier config

index.html - the vite entrypoint, that includes the entry point for the client

postcss.config.cjs - CommonJS module that defines the PostCSS config

server.ts - The barebones Express server with logic for SSRing Vite pages

tailwind.config.cjs - CommonJS module that defines the Tailwind config

tsconfig.json - TypeScript configuration

vite.config.ts - Vite configuration


We use GitHub actions to build the app. The badge is at the top of the repo. Currently it just confirms that everything builds properly.