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OASISFormat: 0.3
Name: xen-api-client
Version: 0.1.0
Synopsis: Xen API client
Authors: Jonathan Ludlam, Anil Madhavapeddy, David Scott
License: LGPL-2.0 with OCaml linking exception
Plugins: META (0.3)
BuildTools: ocamlbuild
Flag lwt
Description: build the Lwt library
Default: false
Flag async
Description: build the Core/Async library
Default: false
Library "xen-api-client"
CompiledObject: best
Path: lib
Findlibname: xen-api-client
Modules: API, Api_errors, Client, Date, Xen_api, Event_helper, Event_types
BuildDepends: xmlm, rpclib, cohttp
Library "xen-api-client-lwt"
CompiledObject: best
Build$: flag(lwt)
Install$: flag(lwt)
Path: lwt
Findlibparent: xen-api-client
Findlibname: lwt
Modules: Xen_api_lwt_unix
BuildDepends: xen-api-client, rpclib, xmlm, lwt, lwt.ssl, lwt.unix, cohttp, uri
Library "xen-api-client-async"
CompiledObject: best
Build$: flag(async)
Install$: flag(async)
Path: async
Findlibparent: xen-api-client
Findlibname: async
Modules: Xen_api_async_unix
BuildDepends: xen-api-client, xmlm, core, async, async_core, async_unix, rpclib, cohttp, uri, threads
Executable xen_api_test
Path: lib_test
Build$: flag(tests)
Custom: true
CompiledObject: best
Install: false
BuildDepends: xen-api-client, oUnit
Executable list_vms_lwt
CompiledObject: best
Build$: flag(lwt)
Install: false
Path: lwt_test
BuildDepends: xen-api-client, xen-api-client.lwt, lwt, lwt.ssl, lwt.unix
Executable list_vms_async
CompiledObject: best
Build$: flag(async)
Install: false
Path: async_test
BuildDepends: xen-api-client, xen-api-client.async, core, async, async_unix, threads
Test xen_api_test_test
Run$: flag(tests)
Command: $xen_api_test
WorkingDirectory: lib_test