Compiler warnings #3

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jonm commented Oct 12, 2015

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added some commits Oct 10, 2015
@jonm Add 'make clean' target. d9bcb11
@jonm Compile with `-Werror`. ad65754
@jonm Add missing `#include <stdlib.>` to `comm.c`. 5a5c8dd
@jonm Add explicit braces to nested `if` statements. 5777fff
@jonm Adding missing `#include <unistd.h>`. 1d1458b
@jonm Rename `reboot` to `should_reboot`.
Avoids name conflict with `reboot()` system call.
@jonm Correct `run_the_game()` to return `void`. db93d9a
@jonm Add explicit braces on conditionals in `game_loop()`. eb60ec8
@jonm Correct `game_loop()` to return `void`. 2e7066a
@jonm Add missing cast in `bind` call. 0346795
@jonm Declare socket address length as `socklen_t`. 739bd35
@jonm Correct call to `inet_ntoa`.
* Added missing include file to get prototype.
* Caught missing dereference.
@jonm Declare sockaddr size as `socklen_t`. 4fa949e
@jonm Add missing prototype for CAN_SEE_OBJ. 5a052f3
@jonm Explicitly compare result of assignment against null character. 4eba506
@jonm Change return type of `raw_force_all()` to `void`. a818a0c
@jonm Add missing declaration for `MobLevBonus()`. a94e1af
@jonm Add missing prototypes from `act.move.c`. b4f7e14
@jonm Correct return types of movement display functions to `void`.
Affects `DisplayMove()`, `DisplayOneMove()`, and `DisplayGroupMove()`.
@jonm Check return value of `getabunch()` as an `int` type. b18f023
@jonm Check `getall()` return value as `char` type. 5d9df12
@jonm Fix missing decl and correct callers for `MoveOne()`. 0ebf40d
@jonm Fix function pointer types for breath weapons. 1de5bb6
@jonm Change `Dismount()` to return `void`. 44ca999
@jonm Fix type errors in format strings. 2862515
@jonm Add missing `#include <stdlib.h>`. b830711
@jonm Supply missing `void` return types. 69e7576
@jonm Remove extraneous parens around comparison. 0593b6c
@jonm Add explicit braces around nested conditionals. 7316881
@jonm Add missing `#include <unistd.h>`. fa81769
@jonm Explicitly check against `NULL` after pointer assignment. 460f243
@jonm Add missing `#include <time.h>`. 73aa98d
@jonm jonm merged commit 1d0c57f into master Oct 12, 2015
@jonm jonm deleted the compiler-warnings branch Oct 12, 2015
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