Fix remaining compiler warnings #7

merged 52 commits into from Nov 15, 2015


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jonm commented Nov 15, 2015

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added some commits Oct 11, 2015
@jonm Remove extraneous parens around comparison. 9505069
@jonm Re-enable `-Werror` 659438e
@jonm Missed reboot flag reference. 3f00d9f
@jonm Elide always-true test. f5e7237
@jonm Fix comparison-instead-of-assignment bug c8ee2b3
@jonm Fix wrong number of parameters to `sscanf` f7d8477
@jonm Missing proto for `assign_skills()` 55e992b
@jonm Remove unused argument to `fprintf` 3b5000c
@jonm add missing proto for `CheckKillFile()` 1f05be2
@jonm Explicitly check integer assignment against zero 903ea84
@jonm Make sure loop variable initialized f6c96c7
@jonm Correctly log garbage bytes 2db4a99
@jonm missing proto for `AddCommand()` 540f342
@jonm Add missing include of `unistd.h` bdcc564
@jonm Correct loop increment 5e10b58
@jonm Add missing type declaration 0b93f7c
@jonm Fix type error: compare against int 5277ef8
@jonm Dynamically allocate buffer 3642867
@jonm add missing proto for `in_group()` f20868a
@jonm Add missing proto for `DeleteHatreds()` 5cd92ba
@jonm Fix incorrect comment end 279994b
@jonm Clarify order of logical operations c28e5b1
@jonm Fix null test against assigned pointer 9909b77
@jonm Test value of assignment explicitly for null character d7fe293
@jonm Wrap boolean assignment in parens when used as conditional ceb586f
@jonm correct type of variable to (signed) int 105948a
@jonm Correct call to `in_group()` 9fc9be3
@jonm Test against empty string instead of null pointer 80dc34a
@jonm explicit assignment null comparison b66244e
@jonm correct comparison against zero: 781c7c8
@jonm fix type error in `find_path()` call ea4c6cc
@jonm fix types of signal handlers 7715316
@jonm Add missing include of `time.h` a87fb2f
@jonm Add explicit braces on conditionals ced94de
@jonm Correct type errors in format strings 58aff37
@jonm Correct function return types to `void` 93df3dd
@jonm Add missing function prototypes ef77379
@jonm compare pointer assignment against NULL 14212bc
@jonm fix type error for hash table addition 7ccab63
@jonm Remove unused function `RemHatred()` 8d0a8ad
@jonm Bugfix: use correct mob/player name in `sprintf` cc9f458
@jonm Escape unintended trigraph in string 96f4d16
@jonm Fix type errors for function pointers on breath weapon functions 59f6c24
@jonm Correct type declaration of breath weapon array a7c8b97
@jonm Add missing `stdlib.h` include cdc6009
@jonm Add missing return statements e70056c
@jonm Make astral portal destination array big enough c38b0b0
@jonm Add missing include of `string.h` b5fffc3
@jonm Change `affected_type.modifier` to `int` 450ab14
@jonm Remove redefinition of `NULL` ddbb7de
@jonm Remove accidental double assignment 75c67ba
@jonm Ignore rent/world update files from running. ba83dfd
@jonm jonm merged commit f4719e1 into master Nov 15, 2015
@jonm jonm deleted the more-warnings branch Nov 15, 2015
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