Flapi is a fluent API builder for Java.
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#Flapi ...is a fluent API generator for Java. Fluent builders allow developers to more easily interact with your code, using a syntax more akin to natural language. See these articles for more information.

Remember: Flapi is still a beta! Be gentle, and please help the project by testing and reporting bugs.

Getting Started

You can grab the latest jar from the repository. Requires com.sun.codemodel version 2.2 as a runtime dependency. I'll be setting up a maven repository soon.


Blog Post


Use the issue tracker to report problems encountered. Remember, this is still a beta.


Feel free to fork the project and fiddle around! Submit pull requests to improve the code. Create issues to help support the project.


Flapi - the fluent API generator for Java For more information, visit http://www.unquietcode.com/flapi

Copyright 2011-2012 Benjamin Fagin Licensed under the Apache License 2.0. View the LICENSE.txt file for more information.

Current version is 0.1 See the VERSION.txt notes for more information.

To use:

Add the maven dependency or jar to your project. Using the included classes, build a descriptor. Use the descriptor to generate code files in a directory. Finally, pull those files into your project. Implement the various *Helper classes and their methods. Once everything is wired together you can make use of your new API!

See the wiki for more information on how to get started. You might also find some useful examples in the src/test directory.