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A 3 page web app we use once or twice a year for our open house. It allows people to enter their contact info, and then we select random winners from that pool of information. Written using ruby, sinatra, and datamapper.

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OpenHouse by SabreTech

We use this app once or twice a year at our open houses, to collect names, phones, emails, and addresses. At the end of the open house we access the “random” url to pick winners for our prize drawings.

Required gems?

  • sinatra
  • haml
  • dm-core
  • dm-timestamps
  • sqlite3-ruby
  • do_sqlite3


I used Passenger with REE, but anything rack compliant will work. For testing I installed the “thin” gem and just ran /opt/ree/bin/ruby openhouse.rb and it started a server at localhost:4567.

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