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Suite is management software for small service based businesses.

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Suite is software for small service based businesses. The workflow in Suite is fairly simple. There are 3 ways one can approach a problem in Suite. From the client, from a ticket, or from a device. Tickets and devices are tied to clients. Clients can belong to other clients (i.e. people inside a company). The clients section is modeled after Apple Address Book. Most of my UI is modeled after the applications that ship with OSX (Address Book, Mail, iTunes).

For questions on how to get Suite up and running from scratch, for now just email me jonmagic at gmail dot com. I’m going to be putting together a little INSTALL.textile at some point with step by step instructions. The sooner you bug me for it, the sooner it will get done :-)

Project Tracking

We’re using Lighthouse for tracking issues, features requests, and milestones. So if you are interested in this project, and moving it forward, please visit:

Currently Suite is only being used by my small company SabreTech Consulting LLC, but we would really love to see it get into production for other small service based companies like ours. If you are interested and need help getting it setup, please email me jonmagic at gmail dot com…

Oh yeah, just one more thing

I’ve added monitoring support with custom built installers for windows pc’s… its pretty slick really


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