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Nova Extension: jQuery

This extension provides a helper for writing jQuery selectors. It's intended as a utility for extension writers and does not provide any changes to Nova on its own.


This extension requires:

  • Nova 2.6+


Copy the entire directory into applications/extensions/jquery.

Add the following to application/config/extensions.php:

$config['extensions']['enabled'][] = 'jquery';


This extension can be used as follows (example from the chronological_mission_posts extension):

$this->event->listen(['location', 'view', 'output', 'admin', 'manage_posts_edit'], function($event){

  $event['output'] .= $this->extension['jquery']['generator']
                         ->view('write_missionpost', $this->skin, 'admin', $event['data'])

  $event['output'] .= $this->extension['jquery']['generator']

This extension currently supports the following chained methods: first, last, before, after, append, prepend, html, text, closest, and remove. Submit a pull request for additional methods.


If you encounter a bug or have a feature request, please report it on GitHub in the issue tracker here:


Copyright (c) 2018-2019 Jon Matterson.

This module is open-source software licensed under the MIT License. The full text of the license may be found in the LICENSE file.

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