A simple, flexible & responsive CSS grid system
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Responsimple v1.0.1

A simple, flexible & responsive CSS grid system

What is?

Responsimple is a mobile first's grid system written 100% pure CSS code with awesome features


  • A Simple Reset inspired by
  • Structure based on Containers & Items
  • 2 Types of Containers:
    1. Container with page's width, use .container-full
    2. Container with 1200px's maximum width, use .container
  • A Mobile First Grid System with 12 Columns & 4 Media Queries Sizes:
    1. Phones < (30em or 480px) use .ph1 to .ph12
    2. Small Devices < (48em or 768px) use .sm1 to .sm12
    3. Medium Devices < (64em or 1024px) use .md1 to .md12
    4. Large Devices > (64em or 1024px) use .lg1 to .lg12
  • Layout's Multiple Techniques
    1. Floats
    2. Display inline-block
    3. Flexbox
  • Additional Features:
    • Vertical & Horizontal Alignments
    • Font Sizes
    • Margins & Paddings
    • Borders & Displays

###Download or Install:

Official Site

Responsimple is a project by @jonmircha