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Instant search for JIRA

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JIRA Instant Search for Speakeasy

Simply adds instant search to the JIRA search page. Simple.

An entry into Codegeist

Supported Products

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Speakeasy
  2. Download or

    Clone this project and create a zip

     git clone git://
     cd jira-instant/speakeasy
     zip -r * 
  3. Upload to the Extensions page of speakeasy


The following commands are useful (assuming that the Atlassian Plugin SDK is installed.

 $ atlas-run-standalone --plugins com.atlassian.labs:speakeasy-plugin:0.9.2 --product jira 
 $ cd speakeasy
 $ rm ../ && \
    zip -r ../ * -x README.markdown && \
    curl -uadmin:admin -F plugin-file=@../ http://localhost:2990/jira/rest/speakeasy/1/plugins

Chrome Exension

JIRA instant search is now available as a chrome extension to add instant searching capabilities to JIRA installations without speak easy installed.

Install the extension here

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