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Powershell scripts to help with deployment and building.
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BuildDeploySupport is a collection of useful build scripts that you can use in your own project. When you install the package it will create a ./Deploy/Support directory at the same level as your solution and create a solution folder in your project so you can browse the scripts.

You can then use the scripts to simplify your deployment!

Please note that this is a work in progress.

How do I get it?

# to install
install-package BuildDeploySupport

# to upgrade
update-package BuildDeploySupport

How do I use it?

. .\DeployWeb.ps1

# install your app pool
Install-AppPool 'my-app-pool' -configure {
    Set-Credentials 'username' 'password'

# install your website
Install-WebSite $OctopusWebSiteName 'my-app-pool' '' {
	Set-WindowsAuthentication $true
	Set-AnonymousAuthentication $false

. .\DeployService.ps1

# install a topshelf service
Install-TopshelfService `
    $OctopusPackageDirectoryPath `
    $OctopusEnvironmentName `
    $OctopusPackageVersion `
    'startup.exe' `
    'Billion Dollar Idea'

# install another service
Install-Service $serviceName `
    -install {
        # install my service
    } `
    -configure {
        # configure my service

# prepare a click once installer from a directory
Prepare-ClickOnce `
    '..\installers' `                   # output directory for the package
    '' `                         # version of the installer
    '..\bin\Release' `                  # directory to clickonce-ify
    'MyApplication.exe' `               # application executable
    'MyCompanyAwesomeApp' `             # your application identity name
    'My Awesome Application' `          # the display name for the application
    'icon.png' `                        # your app icon
    'my company' `                      # the company publishing
    '' ` # the download location for the installer
    'my-certificate-thumbprint'         # a certificate thumbprint to sign the package with (optional)


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