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SpeakEasy is a library for working with web apis in the language they speak best, http. It's heavily inspired by jQuery and RestSharp, so if you've used either of those libraries you should feel right at home.

Show me the goods

// create a client
var client = HttpClient.Create("");
// get some companies!
var companies = client.Get("companies").OnOk().As<List<Company>>();
// upload a company, with validation error support
client.Post(company, "companies")
    .On(HttpStatusCode.BadRequest, (List<ValidationError> errors) => {
        Console.WriteLine("Ruh Roh, you have {0} validation errors", errors.Count());
    .On(HttpStatusCode.Created, () => Console.WriteLine("Holy moly you win!"));
// update a company
client.Put(company, "company/:id", new { id = "awesome-sauce" })
    .OnOk(() => Console.WriteLine("Company updated"));
// run a search
client.Get("images/:category", new { category = "cats", breed = "omg the cutest", size = "kittens" })
// make an asynchronous request
var response = await client.GetAsync("companies/:id", new { id = 5 })

For more code samples check out the features section below.

There are also code samples and integration tests available in the src\ directory which show additional usage patterns.

How do I get it?

If you aren't using nuget, then shame on you. If you are, then installation is as simple as:

# install the stable version
install-package SpeakEasy

# install the pre-release version
install-package SpeakEasy -pre

Alternative Choices

There are plenty of alternative choices for an http client out there which you should take a look at before choosing SpeakEasy.

If you do decide to go with another option I'd love to hear why, that's the kind of feedback that will help make this project even better. You can open an issue with feedback or find me on twitter @jonnii.


Builds are managed by code better. (


I'd love if you could contribute. You could:

  • Add serializers.
  • Add authentication providers (oauth?)
  • Write examples and documentation!

However, if you're going to contribute please make sure you write tests for any new functionality. Adding an example is also great!



Creating a client

// create a client with the default settings
var client = HttpClient.Create("");
// create a client with custom settings
var settings = new HttpClientSettings
    // We need to authenticate with windows
	Authenticator = new WindowsAuthenticator()

// configure the serializer
    c => c.JsonSerializerStrategy = new CustomSerializerStrategy());

var client = HttpClient.Create("");

Changing the cookie strategy

var settings = new HttpClientSettings
	// Use the persistent cookie strategy
	CookieStrategy = new PersistentCookieStrategy()

var client = HttpClient.Create("");

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