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Data-flow programming for SuperCollider?

sndflo allows to program SuperCollider using the Flowhub visual data-flow IDE.


Proof-of-concept working for wiring up Synth's.


Note: Only tested on GNU/Linux. Should work fine on other platforms with minor adjustments in install.



git clone
cd sndflo

# Install as SuperCollider extension, ref
# On Linux
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions || true
ln -s `pwd` ~/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/sndflo
# On Mac OSX
mkdir -p "$HOME/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions" || true
ln -s `pwd` "$HOME/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions/sndflo"

npm install -g node-gyp
npm install


# For Mac OSX only, specify where sclang is
export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/SuperCollider/

node sndflo.js --verbose --user MY_FLOWHUB_UUID

Will start up SuperCollider, loading the sndflo runtime and FBP protocol bridge. On success should output something like

Listening at WebSocket port 3569 
OSC send/receive ports:  57120 57122
Registered with Flowhub, should be accessible in UI

Go to, refresh the runtime list. You should see our sndflo runtime listed, be able to create projects for 'sndflo' and connect.

Note: on GNU/Linux sclang might fail with a segfault if X11 is not available. You can use xvfb-run to work around this.


  • Program audio pipelines visually, by Synth's wiring together with Busses
  • Program synths visually, by creating SynthDefs by combining UGens
  • Do not replace sclang, integrate with it
    • Allow to use SynthDefs created in sclang in visual pipelines
    • Allow to drive visually created Synth pipelines using sclang Events/Patterns
  • Seamless integration with other FBP
    • MicroFlo for communicating with microcontrollers (sensing/acting)
    • NoFlo for general-purpose use, and generating composition/scores
    • Combined audio processing with noflo-webaudio
  • Program scores visually, using Streams and Patterns


  • Generative & algorithmic composed music
  • Reactive and interactive art installations
  • Audio effect pipelines, processing sound inputs
  • Audio and music analysis, feature extraction
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