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# sndflo - sound processing runtime based on SuperCollider
# (c) 2014 Jon Nordby
# sndflo may be freely distributed under the MIT license
# Adapter code between NoFlo WS/.JSON/.FBP protocol,
# and the OSC protocol spoken by the SuperCollider runtime
osc = require 'osc-min'
udp = require 'dgram'
http = require 'http'
websocket = require 'websocket'
EventEmitter = (require 'events').EventEmitter
fs = require 'fs'
child_process = require 'child_process'
flowhub = require 'flowhub-registry'
uuid = require 'node-uuid'
querystring = require 'querystring'
class WebSocketOscFbpAdapter extends EventEmitter
constructor: () ->
@httpServer = http.createServer()
@wsServer = new websocket.server { httpServer: @httpServer }
@wsServer.on 'request', (request) =>
subProtocol = if (request.requestedProtocols.indexOf("noflo") isnt -1) then "noflo" else null
connection = request.accept subProtocol, request.origin
connection.on 'message', (msg) =>
@handleWsMessage connection, msg
@oscSockets =
send: udp.createSocket "udp4"
receive: udp.createSocket "udp4", @handleUdpMessage
@wsConnection = null # FIXME: handle multiple
start: (wsPort, oscPort, callback) ->
@sendPort = oscPort
@receivePort = @sendPort+2
@wsPort = wsPort
@oscSockets.receive.bind @receivePort
@httpServer.listen @wsPort, callback
stop: () ->
# FIXME: reverse effects of start()
handleUdpMessage: (msg, rinfo) =>
data = osc.fromBuffer msg
@handleOscMessage data
catch err
console.log "invalid OSC packet", err
handleOscMessage: (data) ->
respond = (m) =>
if not @wsConnection?
throw new Error 'No WebSocket connection!'
@wsConnection.send JSON.stringify m
if data.address == '/fbp/ui/message'
if data.args.length == 1 and data.args[0].type == 'string'
# Note: We could just have sent the JSON encoded string on, but
# right now decode and re-encode it to be able to detect errors earlier
msg = null
msg = JSON.parse data.args[0].value
catch err
console.log 'Invalid JSON received on OSC:', data.args[0].value
respond msg
console.log 'Unexpected OSC arguments: ', data.args
console.log 'Unexpected OSC address: ', data.address
handleWsMessage: (connection, message) ->
@wsConnection = connection
if message.type == "utf8"
msg = JSON.parse message.utf8Data
path = "/fbp/runtime/message"
args = [ JSON.stringify msg ]
buf = osc.toBuffer { address: path, args: args }
success = @oscSockets.send.send buf, 0, buf.length, @sendPort, "localhost"
console.log "Invalid WS message type", message.type
class SuperColliderProcess
constructor: (debug, verbose, graph) ->
@process = null
@started = false
@debug = debug
@errors = []
@verbose = verbose
@graph = graph
start: (desiredPort, callback) ->
if @debug
console.log 'Debug mode: setup runtime yourself!'
return success 0
exec = 'sclang'
args = ['-u', desiredPort.toString(), 'sndflo-runtime.scd']
args.push @graph if @graph
console.log exec, args.join ' ' if @verbose
@process = child_process.spawn exec, args
@process.on 'error', (err) ->
throw err
@process.on 'exit', (code, signal) ->
if code != 0
callback new Error 'Runtime exited with non-zero code: ' + code + ' :' +signal
stderr = ""
@process.stderr.on 'data', (d) =>
console.log d.toString() if @verbose
output = d.toString()
stderr += output
lines = output.split '\n'
for line in lines
err = line.trim()
@errors.push err if err
stdout = ""
@process.stdout.on 'data', (d) =>
console.log d.toString() if @verbose
stdout += d.toString()
failString = 'ERROR: server failed to start'
readyExp = /sndflo-runtime running on port (\d+)/i
readyMatch = stdout.match readyExp
if readyMatch
if not @started
errors = @popErrors()
port = readyMatch[1]
@started = true
callback null, port,
if stdout.indexOf(failString) != -1 or stderr.indexOf(failString) != -1
callback new Error 'Failed to start up', null, null
stop: ->
if @debug
popErrors: ->
errors = @errors
@errors = []
return errors
# Handles both the SuperCollider setup and the OSC<->WebSocket bridging
class Runtime extends EventEmitter
constructor: (options) ->
defaults =
port: 3569
oscPort: 57120
verbose: false
debug: false
graph: null
label: "unlabeled sndflo runtime"
user: null
id: null
host: 'localhost'
ping: 5*60 # seconds
secret: 'not-secret' # FIXME: random
@options = {}
for k,v of defaults
@options[k] = v
for k,v of options
@options[k] = v
@adapter = new WebSocketOscFbpAdapter()
@supercollider = new SuperColliderProcess @options.debug, @options.verbose, @options.graph
@rt = null
if @options.user
@rt = new flowhub.Runtime
label: @options.label
user: @options.user
secret: @options.secret
protocol: 'websocket'
type: 'sndflo'
address: 'ws://' + + ':' + @options.port
@registryPinger = null
register: (callback) ->
@rt.register (err, ok) =>
return callback err if err
if > 0
@registryPinger = setInterval () =>
return callback null
start: (callback) ->
@supercollider.start @options.oscPort, (err, port, pid) =>
return callback err, null if err
internal = parseInt(port)
console.log 'internal port', internal if @options.verbose
@adapter.start @options.port, internal, (err) =>
return callback err, null if err
if @rt
@register (err) ->
return console.log 'Failed to register Flowhub runtime: ' + err if err
console.log 'Registered with Flowhub, should be accessible in UI'
return callback null, internal
stop: (callback) ->
if @registryPinger
clearInterval @registryPinger
@registryPinger = null
liveModeUrl = (options) ->
ide = options.ide or ""
address = "ws://#{}:#{options.port}"
params = querystring.escape "protocol=websocket&address="+address
return ide+'/#runtime/endpoint?'+params
main = () ->
program = require 'commander'
.option '-p, --port <PORT>', 'WebSocket port'
.option '-i, --host <HOSTNAME>', 'WebSocket hostname'
.option '-u, --user <UUID>', 'Flowhub user id to register for'
.option '-r, --id <UUID>', 'Flowhub runtime id to use'
.option '-l, --label <LABEL>', 'Label for Flowhub runtime'
.option '-g, --graph <FILE>', 'Initial graph to load'
.option '-v, --verbose', 'Verbose logging'
if program.user and not = uuid.v4()
console.log 'Using new Flowhub runtime id',
runtime = new Runtime program
runtime.start (err) ->
if (err)
throw err
console.log "Listening at WebSocket port", runtime.adapter.wsPort,
"\nOSC send/receive ports: ", runtime.adapter.sendPort, runtime.adapter.receivePort,
"Open in Flowhub: ", liveModeUrl runtime.options
module.exports =
main: main
Adapter: WebSocketOscFbpAdapter
SuperColliderProcess: SuperColliderProcess
Runtime: Runtime
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