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Votes & Reporting Feature #22

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Hi there.
First , my congrats for such a great component. Really.

Second, i cannot use it, and its not because some kind of error, its because a missing feature i really do need in my site, Voting comments and reporting comments, this is, a button to vote up/down and a Flag option to "report to administrator/moderator"

Do you think you will able to include this features in the very near future?

Hope you will, i think its the only main feature you are missing.

Thanks, hope i'll be able to use your component soon.


You can already vote in the comments, just make sure to set the appropriate permissions is the options.


Im sorry, if this true i totally missed the option, im gonna reinstall and check it again.
What about reporting, is it possible too?
Thanks for the (inmediate) answer, =)


reporting is not possibly yet but it's in my todo list for future versions.


What do you mean reporting ? If administrator reporting about new comments - that's great! I + too.


Hello Goldsnich,
What i meant to say is, to let the user/visitor "flag" a comment as innapropiate, so the administrator can take a look on it via back-end. its a " Ey admin, take a look on this comment" =)


Vote is for registered users, it will only show up for them


In fact, you can vote as guest if you set the permissions for them, but this way, you can vote without limitations... not useful at all , =P

So yes, better let it be only for registered users.

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