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#IndieWeb helpers These tools should help with things like POSSE-ing. Currently I'm only working with Twitter but adding other services is in the pipeline.

##Installing Super simple with composer:

composer require jonnybarnes/indieweb

##Numbers The Numbers class allows you to convert between decimal and either NewBase60 or NewBase64, and vice versa.

$numbers = new Numbers();
$nb60id = $numbers->b60tunum($realId);

##NotePrep The NotePrep class is for use when preparing a note that you want to POSSE to another site, such as Twitter. With a provided note the createNote method will add a link to the original copy, truncating the note if necessary.

$noteprep = new NotePrep();
$originalNote = 'A lovely note.';
$posseCopy = $noteprep->createNote($note, '', 140, true);
echo $posseCopy;// 'A lovely note. ('

##License As a library intended for use in the IndieWeb this is Licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license.