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# The CSP header allows you to define a whitelist of approved sources of content for your site.
# By restricting the assets that a browser can load for your site, like js and css, CSP can act as an effective countermeasure to XSS attacks.
add_header Content-Security-Policy "default-src https: data: 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'" always;
# The X-Frame-Options heade, or XFO header, protects your visitors against clickjacking attacks.
add_header X-Frame-Options "SAMEORIGIN" always;
# This header is used to configure the built in reflective XSS protection found in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari (Webkit).
# Valid settings for the header are 0, which disables the protection, 1 which enables the protection and 1; mode=block which tells
# the browser to block the response if it detects an attack rather than sanitising the script.
add_header X-Xss-Protection "1; mode=block" always;
# This prevents Google Chrome and Internet Explorer from trying to mime-sniff the content-type of a response away from the one being
# declared by the server. It reduces exposure to drive-by downloads and the risks of user uploaded content that, with clever naming,
# could be treated as a different content-type, like an executable.
add_header X-Content-Type-Options "nosniff" always;