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Working towards implementing a 1-5 'multiple choice' scale to be used in dempster-shaffer analysis
Will be merged into the extract tool...
# import the necessary packages
from imutils.perspective import four_point_transform
from imutils import contours
import numpy as np
import argparse, imutils, cv2
# open the image
img = cv2.cvtColor(cv2.imread("out.png"),cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)
# crop out the bit with the circles in it
crop_img = img[636:, 719:]
# apply Otsu's thresholding method to binarize the warped piece of paper
thresh = cv2.threshold(crop_img, 0, 255, cv2.THRESH_BINARY_INV | cv2.THRESH_OTSU)[1]
# find contours in the thresholded image
contours = cv2.findContours(thresh.copy(), cv2.RETR_EXTERNAL, cv2.CHAIN_APPROX_SIMPLE)
contours = contours[0] if imutils.is_cv2() else contours[1]
questionCnts = []
# loop over the contours
for c in contours:
# compute the bounding box of the contour,
(x, y, w, h) = cv2.boundingRect(c)
# then use the bounding box to derive the aspect ratio
ar = w / float(h)
# should be sufficiently wide, sufficiently tall, and have an aspect ratio approximately equal to 1
if w >= 20 and h >= 20 and ar >= 0.9 and ar <= 1.1:
# sort the question contours left to right
boundingBoxes = [cv2.boundingRect(c) for c in questionCnts]
(contours, boundingBoxes) = zip(*sorted(zip(questionCnts, boundingBoxes), key=lambda b:b[1][0], reverse=False))
# confidence
ds_mass = 0
# loop over the sorted contours
for c in contours:
# construct a mask that reveals only the current "bubble" for the question
mask = np.zeros(thresh.shape, dtype="uint8")
cv2.drawContours(mask, [c], -1, 255, -1)
before = cv2.countNonZero(mask)
# apply the mask to the thresholded image, then count the number of non-zero pixels in the bubble area
mask = cv2.bitwise_and(thresh, thresh, mask=mask)
after = cv2.countNonZero(mask)
# get a mass value
ds_mass += after / before
print "I can see", len(contours), "bubbles, with a mass of", ds_mass
# switch back to BGR and draw contours
# crop_img = cv2.cvtColor(crop_img,cv2.COLOR_GRAY2BGR)
# cv2.drawContours(crop_img, questionCnts, -1, (0,255,0), 2)
# show the result
# cv2.imshow("cropped", crop_img)
# cv2.waitKey(0)