The Server Scripts for the BMP Pathways App
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Belfast Pathways Server

Server Scripts for the Belfast Mobility Project GPS tracking App.

The Android application that we used on the server is also available here


The scripts are very simple and should work easily after the below setup:

You will require the PDO-pgsql extension for PHP. This is trivially installed with:

  • Ubuntu: sudo apt install php-pgsql
  • Mac (Homebrew): brew install php56-pdo-pgsql

Also, you will need to add a file called connection.php to the same directory as your scripts. This should contain the connection string for your repository in this form (replace the sections in [] with your own information):

$connstr = 'pgsql:dbname=[DBNAME];host=localhost;user=[USRNAME];password=[PASSWORD]';

Database Setup

The scripts are intended to work with a Postgresql database, using the following structure:

Table "public.gps_log"

Column Type Modifiers
id_log integer not null default nextval('gps_log_id_log_seq'::regclass)
id_user integer
lng double precision
lat double precision
accuracy double precision
log_time timestamp without time zone
"pk_idu" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id_log)

Table "public.users"

Column Type Modifiers
id_user integer not null default nextval('users_id_user_seq'::regclass)
time_registered timestamp with time zone default now()
dummy bit(1)
"users_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id_user)

For convenience, we used the PostGIS extensions to allow us to analyse the data easily.