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A tiny GNOME app that reads a name to timezone key file and shows where in the world and what the current time is for said person. It was heaviily based on the timezone editor in gnome-control-center.


Data file

The data file must be called data.txt and must be "key file" format with one group called "people". For example:

Jacques Chirac=Europe/Paris
Silvio Berlusconi=Europe/Rome
Bob Hawke=Australia/Sydney

A data file is shipped and installed into $prefix/share/gente/data.txt. This is just for testing as its contents are a joke. You can use your own key file by putting it in ~/.config/gente/ ensuring it too is called data.txt. This will override the installed test data file.

Timezone names

The names of the timezones are read from /usr/share/zoneinfo/ When adding people to the data file ensure to check the timezone exists in this file or it won't show up in the map correctly. If a timezone is not recognised, the following warning will appear on the command line when opening the program:

** (gente:29821): WARNING **: Unsupported timezone 'Europe/Barcelona' for 'Ramon Salazar'

gnome-control-center components

Most of the src/ directory was lifted from gnome-control-center's panels/datetime/ directory:

  •[ch]: the GTK widget used for displaying the world map and its timezones.
  • data/: the images to show the world map accurately.
  • timedate1-interface.xml: XML introspection data for the org.freedesktop.timedate1 D-Bus service.
  • tz.[ch]: timezone utilities originally from Anaconda for dealing with known quirks with timezone.


GNOME app for showing people's timezones on a map




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