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A small JS lib to lazy load social sharing widgets
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Version: 0.1 License: MIT Supports: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and some Google Analytics Tested: FF 36

LazySocial is a very small Javascript library to make it stupid simple to include social share buttons that don't slow the page load time.

Add a single ul tag. Include the JS. Done.

In addition to offering lazy loading, LazySocial also:

  • Inserts the HTML tags that each site requires in addition to their JS
  • Lets you set the style that all buttons will be.
  • Does not attempt to style anything; it just handles inserting.
  • Automagically handles Google Analytics stuffs for when the buttons are loaded via hover.
  • Also provides a straightup link to share as well, meaning it will work on mobile!
  • Has NO external libraries! Pure vanilla JS, baby!

All that, and all you have to do is write one HTML tag!

Special thanks to: Taylor Fausak. I took what you did and ran with it.


First, create any number of ul elements with the class social-widgets and add data- attributes to the ul to configure the sites that you want to use.

Second, include the JS script.

Third, ... that's it. That's all you need. LazySocial will automatically run as soon as the page loads.

Styling the button appearances before they are moused over is left up to you, or you can just use the "social.css" that I wrote for the sample HTML page.

LazySocial Configuration

  • style - The style for all buttons to follow: horizontal, horizontal_count, or vertical_count
  • href - The URL to pass to the sites to share; defaults to the current page's address
  • eager - Loads the buttons on page load instead of on mouseover
  • use - What sites you want to load, in a pipe-delimited list in the order you want them; example: 'google|facebook|twitter|linkedin'

Site Configuration

  • locale - (optional) The locale to supply to sites that take it as an argument; defaults to 'en_US'

  • facebook-appId = (required for FB) Your AppID.

  • twitter-via = (optional) Screen name of the user to attribute the Tweet to

  • twitter-related = (optional) Related accounts

  • twitter-hashtags = (optional) No '#' necessary

  • twitter-text = (optional) Default Tweet text. If unset, Twitter will set it to the page title

  • twitter-dnt = (optional) Opt Out of Twitter "Tailoring". Set to true to enable

  • linkedin-title = (optional) The title to be used in the post

  • linkedin-source = (optional) Where the post on LinkedIn will say that the content is from

  • linkedin-summary = (optional) Do I really hafta explain 'summary' to you?

Advanced Usage

Post-page load configuration

The values of the data attributes for the sites are only 'locked in' when the user actually mouses over. Up until that point, you can alter values of the attributes all you want, except for eager and use, which are only relevant at the time of the page load.

Non-Lazy Loading

If you don't want lazy loading but still would like a simple way to include social buttons, just set the data-eager="true" and the buttons will be loaded when the page loads.

Per-style CSS

If you need to style each button differently, LazySocial gives them a class for what type of style they are; a vertical_count would have "vertical_count". The "social.css" might be a good place to start; it has all the sizes for the various styes.


  • Does not degrade gracefully if JS is not enabled.
  • Twitter's 'data-counturl' is not settable because I'm getting sick of adding s#&$ to the URL
    • Adding it would introduce data-twitter-shortUrl/twitterShortUrl & then set data-url to that & data-counturl to pageURL.
  • I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to Google Analytics.
  • Minified size is 3.2kb. Would love it if I could get it under 2kb.
  • Facebook requires more CSS to fix it sometimes being invisible, but I'm not sure if that is my fault.

Why "Lazy" Load?

LazySocial is a way to "lazy load" your social icons so that your page loads faster and you have less of a headache worrying about stupid buttons.

"Lazy loading" -or those who are unaware- means loading only when it is absolutely necessary. In the case of social buttons, that time is when the user hovers their mouse over the button.

Why lazy load? Simple: page load speed. If you wanted social buttons for all 4 websites listed above, the browser loads:

  • The JS for each site = 481kb (154kb + (36kb+57kb+111kb) + 108kb + 3.7kb)
  • The iframes for all but LinkedIn = 132kb (48kb + (36kb+1kb) + 43kb)
  • All the overhead for making 10+ more individual HTTP requests

All before the browser spinner stops spinning. Pretty annoying, especially for something that the user might never even interact with.

So by lazy loading, you only fetch them when you need to, and only the ones that the user is interested in. Pretty nifty.

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