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A fairly simple directory browser via web written in Python
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Eyebrows - Simple web file browser written in Python

Copyright 2014 Jon Petraglia of Qweex


  1. Configuration
  2. Why
  3. Dependencies
  4. Licenses
  5. Misc Notes

  1. Configuration

Dude I don't even know about config yet. So far here is what you can do:

  • baseFolder = the folder you want to start in and restrict access to
  • port = port it will be serving on
  • hideBarsDelay = for images how many ms before the titlebar hides; set to 0 for it to never hide
  • protocol = either "HTTP/1.0" or "HTTP/1.1"
  • useSSL = whether or not to serve through SSL; hint: do it
  • username = for authentication
  • password = for authentication
  • ignoreHidden = whether or not to ignore hidden files
  • useDots = if you want to use the traditional ".." to navigate to the parent directory instead of the up button
  • uploadEnabled = whether or not to allow the user to upload files
  1. Why?

I've used some programs like Dropbox or Tonido, but I wanted similar access without the baggage of using a service.

So basically, I wanted a simple all-in-one server application to access my files from anywhere with good mobile and pictures support.

Also I wanted to write something simple in Python.

  1. Dependencies


  • pywin32 218 (if you want to set "ignoreHidden" on Windows)
  1. Licenses

All licenses can be found in the "licenses" directory

Eyebrows itself is released under the BSD license.

Other components are licensed as followed:

  • Python: PSF
  • Mako: MIT
  • ZipStream: GPLv3
  • FineUploader: GPLv3
  • jQuery: MIT
  • Bootstrap: MIT
  • FontAwesome: OFL & MIT
  • Swipebox: MIT
  • Sala de Fiesta: MIT:
  • Eyebrow Photoshop Brush: Custom
  • pywin32: PSF
  1. Misc Notes


Eyebrows technically supports in-browser video. BUT it is not guaranteed to work and depends on the browser you are using. Eyebrows does NOT use HTML5 or Flash for video playback, it simply embeds the video in the page and leaves it to your browser to use a plugin.

Why not either of the options I stated? Because (a) Support for video in HTML5 is unreliable across browsers and (b) Flash is a dying technology (aaaand I couldn't find an acceptible open-source flash playerm; key word: 'acceptible').

Browser Support

Eyebrows should theoretically work with just about any browser out there.

However, it takes advantage of a lot things like CSS3 and HTML5 that might not work correctly in older browsers.

  1. Todo

  • Sometimes the SwipeBox is too big on mobile (switching to "Request Desktop Site" fixes this, weirdly)
  • Loading a page with tons of entries is a nightmare (for Firefox)
    • one solution would be to load 100 at first, then use AJAX to load 100 more as you scroll/with a button click
  • security concern in downloadZip
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