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A native Android client for Eyebrows.
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Eyebrows - Simple web file browser written in Python

Copyright 2014 Jon Petraglia of Qweex


  1. Configuration
  2. License

This is the repo for the native client of Eyebrows for Android.

Eyebrows is a simple web file browser written in python. Eyebrows for Android takes advantage of native features and offers more features such as being able to bookmark servers.

Eyebrows itself is also on Github and is released under the BSD license as well.

Visit the Eyebrows repo

  1. Configuration

So far the config is pretty basic: enter in all the config from the Eyebrows instance.

  • host = the IP of the Eyebrows server
  • port = the port your Eyebrows server is running in
  • ssl = if the Eyebrows server is using SSL
  • username = the username set, if any
  • password = the password set, if any
  1. Licenses

Eyebrows for Androidis released under the BSD 3-Clause license.

HOWEVER, the icons used are a part of the set available from and are NOT checked into the repo. I do this to respect the wishes of the Icon developers, not to impede open source development. You can either use different icons, buy those icons, or we MIGHT be able to work something out if you want to become a partner developer to the project.

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