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Really simple image viewer written in Qt
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A dapper logo

Quite is a small image viewer written in Qt.


Apparently, I'm very picky about what image managers I like.

On Linux, I adore GwenView so I'm fine there. But getting KDE apps to run on Windows and Mac can be very meh.

On Windows and OSX, the defaults (Windows Photo Viewer and Preview, respectively) suck, in that they miss some -what I consider to be- core features. In terms of alternatives, I don't like IrfanView or Xee; the former is wayyyyy too complex for what I want (and it's ugly), and the latter seems like hasn't been updated in years. I've searched for alternatives far and wide for both platforms, and any that I've found were either abandoned & suffering, too complex, too simple, or just too heavy for simple image viewing..

So what do you do if you want something simple but can't find anything? Write your own.


Originally, this is what I had in mind for quite should:

  • be cross platform on the Big Three
  • be able to view animated GIFs (coughWindowscough)
  • be able to browse through other images in a directory if you open one image with it (coughMaccough)
  • maybe have some other niceties like sorting, filtering by filetypes, & slideshow, without making them too complex

As the project evolved, I realized how (relatively) easy it would be to add some more features that I really wished other image viewers would have.

So Quite should also be able to

  • be able to play videos too!
  • be able to do loose controls on video (volume, pause/play, playback speed, basic seeking)
  • have a dapper icon

But the main goal is still for it to be fun. I feel people are either (1) content with the defaults or (2) just as picky as me but with different wants. So I reckon that Quite will just stay as a pet project for the time being, and that's fine.

In any case, feel free to use it, fork it, suggest features/report bugs, whatever. The possibilities are endless!


Quite is released under the BSD license.

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