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Administrator do

This is a program for windows which lets you run terminal commands in the current window with elevated permissions.

UAC is still required, depending on your settings

Check here for the latest releases


I've included the visual studio solution I used, but the thing is only one source file, so you should be able to work it out if you choose not to use visual studio.


It's a single executable. so just put it somewhere in PATH so you can use it anywhere (personally I just bung it in system32, because i'm a loose cannon). If you use cli and need administrator permission to put it in the folder, my tool here might help


Whenever you want to do something as administrator, presuming you've installed to a directory in your PATH, simply prepend addo:

> addo someCommandWhichProbablyBreaksStuff

Useful for installing projects generated via cmake (or otherwise)

> addo cmake --build . --target install

Or whatever other crazy stuff you want to do