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<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="../src/jquery.mustache.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
(function ($) {
// Configure jquery-Mustache to warn on missing templates (to aid debugging)
$.Mustache.options.warnOnMissingTemplates = true;
// Loading templates embedded in the DOM. (HTML)
$(function () {
var output = $('#dom-templates-output');
// Add all templates found in the DOM (it will search for <script> blocks which
// are of type 'text/html'. Nb: jQuery.onReady must have fired before calling.
// Render out one of the templates.
output.mustache('dom-template-a', { name: 'World' });
// Load in some template from an external file.
.fail(function () {
$('#external-templates-output').append('Failed to load templates from <code>templates.htm</code>');
.done(function () {
var output = $('#external-templates-output');
// List all loaded templates.
output.append('<p>Templates loaded from <code>templates.htm</code>: ' + $.Mustache.templates().join(', ') + '</p>');
// Render an example template
output.append($.Mustache.render('hello-world', { name: 'Jonny' }));
// We can also directly call `mustache` on a jQuery element
output.mustache('hello-world', { name: 'Dave' });
// jQuery-Mustache supports partials (including templates inside other templates).
output.append($.Mustache.render('partial-example', { name: 'Jonny', title: 'A Partial Example' }));
// We can add new templates as Strings at runtime.
$.Mustache.add('string-template', '<p>String templates are {{adjective}}</p>');
output.append($.Mustache.render('string-template', { adjective: '...epic?' }));
// And we can render plaintext templates that have no HTML.
// We can render a collection of viewModels instead of one-at-a-time.
var peeps = [{ name: "sean", fuel: "cake" }, { name: "cat", fuel: "coffee" }];
output.append('<ul/>').mustache('peeps-list-item', peeps);
// Load a single template.
.done(function () {
var output = $('#external-templates-output');
output.append($.Mustache.render('single-template', { name: "Dave" }));
<h1>jQuery-Mustache Examples</h1>
<div id="dom-templates-output">
<h2>DOM Template examples</h2>
<div id="external-templates-output">
<h2>External Template examples</h2>
<!-- Templates in the DOM -->
<script type="text/html" id="dom-template-a">
<p>Hello, {{name}}, did you know you can load templates direct from the DOM?</p>