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JqPlot Lift Module version 0.14.0

Built using sbt 0.13.0

Add graphs via JqPlot into a Lift application.

Using this module

Add the following repository to your SBT project file:

lazy val liftModulesRelease = "liftmodules repository" at ""

And then include this dependency:

"net.liftmodules.jqplot" %% "jqplot" % (liftVersion+"-0.13.0")

In your application's Boot.boot code:


Supported Scala and Lift versions

Scala 2.10.3: from Lift 2.5 and onwards

Tested on

Chrome 13.0.X Opera 11.50 IE 8.0 FF 6.0 Safari 5.1

To build from source:

$ git clone git://
$ cd liftmodules-jqplot
$ sbt
> update
> publish-local


  • Test 2.5
  • Tidy up & finish options.
  • Only add header information once if multiple graphs are on the same page.
  • Add ajax data & options