Module for improving automatic image cropping in SilverStripe. Adds simple art-direction control by allowing you to set and crop from a focus point instead of the centre point of an image.
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FocusPoint: Smarter Image Cropping for SilverStripe

The goal of this module is to introduce some basic art direction to control how images are cropped in SilverStripe.

Problem: SilverStripe crops all images from the centre. If the subject is off-centre, it may be cropped out.

Solution: FocusPoint allows you to tag the subject in an image and ensures it is not lost during cropping.

Comparison of cropping with and without FocusPoint


SilverStripe 3.3+ (SS 3.1+ support available in earlier releases)


To Do

  • ImageMagick support (maybe already works - can anyone confirm?)
  • Internationalisation
  • Advanced cropping options and interfaces (may be an additional module)
  • Auto detect focus point via Imagga API

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