Control which styles are available in TinyMCE's style dropdown menu and what elements they can be applied to
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TinyTidy for SilverStripe

Example of dropdown menu

This module mainly serves as an example of how to customise the 'styles' dropdown menu in the TinyMCE editor to control which elements certain styles can be applied to and whether or not they should replace other styles.

It also shows how to customise the buttons in the editor by rebuilding the rows (rather than removing buttons), and remove the h1 option from the tag menu.


SilverStripe 3~ (tested in 3.1, not sure about 3.0)


Composer / Packagist (best practice)
cd to your website's root directory then run this command: composer require jonom/silverstripe-tinytidy then run a dev/build?flush=1.

Download, place the folder in your project root, rename it to 'tinytidy' (if applicable) and run a dev/build?flush=1.

How to use

The tinytidy/_config.php file contains an example configuration for TinyMCE and comments which explain what various options do. Either uncomment and edit that file directly, or copy the contents to your mysite/_config.php and edit as required to suit your needs.