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| Changes to Castle Visual Studio Integration |
0.5.0 (2014-05-25)
- Upgraded CVSI to support Visual Studio 2012 (done 2012-10-14; preview released
- Upgraded CVSI to support Visual Studio 2013 (done 2014-05-25)
0.4.0 (2011-03-07)
- Upgraded CVSI to support Visual Studio 2010.
0.3.2 Beta (2008-09-30)
- Fixed memory issues causing Visual Studio lock ups (reported by Alex Henderson and Chuck Snell)
- Fixed null reference exception reported in error window (reported by Alex Henderson)
- Fixed editor loosing colourisation when typing % in a dictionary (reported by Chuck Snell)
- Fixed error with XHTML attributes only having a # as their content being parsed as the start of a
directive (reported by Chuck Snell)
0.3.1 Beta (2008-08-15)
- Fixed the CVSI installer so that it displays "Configuring Visual Studio 200x..." when devenv is
running instead of a blank message.
- Several fixes to the IntelliSense so that the directive list displays in more places.
- Hopefully fixed the issue causing CVSI to endlessly create error objects until your system runs out
of memory.
0.3.0 Beta (2008-06-29)
- Upgraded CVSI so that it works in Visual Studio 2008.
- Created separate C# project files for VS2005 and VS2008.
- Created a WiX/MSI setup package to install CVSI for VS2005 and VS2008.
- Added a NAnt build script to build assemblies and the WiX setup.
- Implemented basic XHTML IntelliSense.
- Fixed the IntelliSense so that it finds helpers and view components that do not directly inherit
from the MonoRail abstract classes.
- Fixed the IntelliSense so that it works with non-web application projects (e.g. class libraries).
0.2.2 Alpha (2008-01-13)
- Fixed CONTRIB-41: Implement folding
- Fixed CONTRIB-53: Colorization stops when quoting attributes using single quotes
- Fixed CONTRIB-51: Coloring for #Component (and maybe other hashes) requires a space before }
- Fixed CONTRIB-58: The coloriser doesn't treat a newline as the end of an identifier
- Removed the property that was set making spaces the default option when first installed. It should now
use your settings default.
- Fixed several minor parsing errors.
0.2.1 Alpha (2007-10-29)
- Disabled semantic checking on designators because most variables are dynamic and cannot be checked
if they exist in the scope.
- Removed code to run the parser in another thread.
- Fixed the parser so that it cannot get into an endless loop.
- Implemented various syntax for XML and NVelocity.
- Fixed various parser bugs.
- Added a hardcoded ignored assemblies list to MonoRail IntelliSense Provider to speed up the IntelliSense.
- Created a Language Service Debug Window for a tradeshow demostration, this can be used to debug the
parsing+AST and scopes.
- Fixed parsing of foreach directive and created a scope in the ForeachDirective which the iterator of
the loop is added to. Also fixed up intellisense to find the scope for the current position instead
of using the template's scope.
0.2.0 Alpha (2007-10-09)
- Completed most of the basic IntelliSense and the NVelocity parser.
0.1.3 Preview 1 Update (2007-07-27)
- Fixed CONTRIB-49: "Wrong colorization"
- Directive parameters are now only scanned for on the same line as the start of the directive.
- Fixed CONTRIB-37: "double clicking to select a word selects more than it needs to, or sometimes nothing."
- All words and sets of spaces in all states are now returned to Visual Studio as seperate tokens
when the scanner 'SplitTextTokens' option is enabled.
- Fixed CONTRIB-35: "Problem with colorizer with multiple files open"
- Each file now has a seperate NVelocity Line Scanner and Castle.NVelocity scanner.
- Fixed CONTRIB-45: "Implement a different coloring for non-syntax-colored sections"
- CDATA sections were made gray in the previous release so script elements are now treated as a normal
XML element and requires a CDATA block otherwise the JavaScript will be scanned for XML tags as does
the Visual Studio XML editor.
- Fixed various other unreported bugs.
- Implemented functionality into the scanner to support a LL(k) parser.
0.1.2 Preview 1 Update (2007-07-13)
- Fixed CONTRIB-43: "Crash when inserting <![CDATA["
0.1.1 Preview 1 Update (2007-07-12)
- Fixed CONTRIB-36: "Pound Sign As A Literal Causes Trouble"
- Fixed various bugs with directives and references in different states that relates to CONTRIB-36.
- Changed the error messages so that the scanner state name displayed is more friendly.
- Made directive left and right parentheses colourise the same as the hash and name (default blue).
0.1.0 Preview 1 (2007-07-01)
- Initial Public Release as a MSI.