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"en": {
"_runjumpbuild": "RunJumpBuild",
"_all_levels": "All Levels",
"_welcome": "Welcome",
"_published_levels": "Published Levels",
"_title": "Title",
"_last_modified": "Last Modified",
"_creator": "Creator",
"_your_time": "Your Time",
"_best_time": "Best Time",
"_your_levels": "Your Levels",
"_published": "Published?",
"_new_level_name": "New Level Name",
"_create_level": "Create Level",
"_your_player_data": "Your Player Data",
"_player_name": "Player Name",
"_your_avatar": "Your Avatar",
"_save_changes": "Save Changes",
"_play": "Play",
"_edit": "Edit",
"_hi": "Hi",
"_level_name": "You are playing level",
"_game_instructions": "Arrow keys to move, Space bar to jump.",
"_other_levels": "Other Levels",
"_time": "Time",
"_useless_trinkets": "Useless Trinkets",
"_winning": "A WINRAR IS YOU!",
"_saving_score": "Saving score...",
"_lose_monster": "YOU'RE MONSTER CHOW!",
"_reload_play_again": "(reload to play again)",
"_lose_falling": "GRAVITY IS A HARSH MISTRESS",
"_level_designer": "Level Designer",
"_play_this_level": "Play This Level",
"_background_img_url": "Background Img URL",
"_tileset_url": "Tileset URL",
"_goal_img_url": "Goal Img URL",
"_music_url": "Music URL",
"_gravity": "Gravity",
"_ground_friction": "Ground Friction",
"_air_friction": "Air Friction",
"_ground_accel": "Ground Acceleration",
"_air_accel": "Air Acceleration",
"_ground_decel": "Ground Deceleration",
"_air_decel": "Air Deceleration",
"_jump_power": "Jump Power",
"_top_speed": "Top Speed",
"_eraser_tool": "Eraser Tool",
"_eraser_tool_exp": "(click platform to remove it)",
"_scroll_tool": "Scroll Tool",
"_scroll_tool_exp": "(drag to scroll level)",
"_start_loc_tool": "Start Location Tool",
"_goal_loc_tool": "Goal Location Tool",
"_publish": "Make this level visible to others",
"_lang_pref": "Language",
"_this_language": "English",
"_you": "You",
"_nobody": "Nobody",
"_nobody_yet": "Nobody Yet!",
"_published_yes": "Yes",
"_published_no": "No",
"_other_player_score": "%(time)s by %(player)s with %(trinkets)d trinkets",
"_your_score": "%(time)s with %(trinkets)d trinkets",
"_obstacle_tools": "obstacles",
"_monster_tools": "monsters",
"_powerup_tools": "powerups",
"_physics": "physics",
"_show_hide": "show/hide",
"_code_editor": "code editor",
"_nugget_id": "nugget id",
"_nugget_name": "nugget name",
"_nugget_type": "nugget type",
"_save_code": "save code",
"_test_code": "test code",
"_edit_this_level": "Edit this level",
"_created_by": "Created by %s",
"_platform_img_url": "Block img url",
"_trinket_img_url": "Trinket img url",
"_semiplatform_img_url": "Platform img url",
"_rubber_block_img_url": "Rubber block url",
"_disappearing_block_img_url": "Disappearing block url"
"jp": {
"_runjumpbuild": "ラン・ジャンプ・ビルド",
"_all_levels": "全てのゲーム",
"_welcome": "ようこそ",
"_published_levels": "公開されているステージ",
"_title": "タイトル",
"_last_modified": "更新日時",
"_creator": "作者",
"_your_time": "あなたのベストタイム",
"_best_time": "ベストタイム",
"_your_levels": "あなたの状況",
"_published": "公開",
"_new_level_name": "新しいステージ",
"_create_level": "ステージを作る",
"_your_player_data": "プレイヤーのデータ",
"_player_name": "名前",
"_your_avatar": "あなたのキャラクタ",
"_save_changes": "保存する",
"_play": "チャレンジする",
"_edit": "変更する",
"_hi": "おおい",
"_level_name": "このステージは",
"_game_instructions": "矢印キーで動く。スペースバーで跳ぶ。",
"_other_levels": "他のステージ",
"_time": "時間",
"_useless_trinkets": "お宝",
"_winning": "やったね!大成功だ!",
"_saving_score": "スコア保存中。。。",
"_lose_monster": "食べられたよ。。",
"_reload_play_again": "リロードして再チャレンジ!",
"_lose_falling": "落ちたよ。。",
"_level_designer": "ステージの設計",
"_play_this_level": "このステージをチャレンジ!",
"_background_img_url": "背景画像のURL",
"_tileset_url": "タイルセットのURL",
"_goal_img_url": "ゴール画像のURL",
"_music_url": "BGMのURL",
"_gravity": "重力",
"_ground_friction": "摩擦",
"_air_friction": "空気抵抗",
"_ground_accel": "地上での加速度",
"_air_accel": "空での加速度",
"_ground_decel": "地上での減速度",
"_air_decel": "空での減速度",
"_jump_power": "跳躍のパワー",
"_top_speed": "最高速度",
"_eraser_tool": "消しゴムツール",
"_eraser_tool_exp": "(消したい物をクリックして)",
"_scroll_tool": "スクロールツール",
"_scroll_tool_exp": "(ステージをスクロールするためにドラッグして)",
"_start_loc_tool": "スタート設置ツール",
"_goal_loc_tool": "ゴール設置ツール",
"_publish": "このステージを公開する",
"_lang_pref": "言語",
"_this_language": "日本語",
"_you": "あなた",
"_nobody": "誰もいない",
"_nobody_yet": "まだ誰もクリアしていません",
"_published_yes": "公開中",
"_published_no": "未公開",
"_other_player_score": "%(player)s さんの成績:%(time)s お宝 %(trinkets)d 個",
"_your_score": "%(time)s お宝 %(trinkets)d 個",
"_obstacle_tools": "障害物ツール",
"_monster_tools": "モンスターツール",
"_powerup_tools": "パワーアップツール",
"_physics": "物理",
"_show_hide": "開く/閉じる",
"_code_editor": "コードエディタ",
"_nugget_id": "nugget id",
"_nugget_name": "nugget name",
"_nugget_type": "nugget type",
"_save_code": "コードを保存する",
"_test_code": "コードをテストする",
"_edit_this_level": "このステージを変更する",
"_created_by": "%sに作られた",
"_platform_img_url": "ブロックの画像URL",
"_trinket_img_url": "お宝の画像URL",
"_semiplatform_img_url": "床の画像URL",
"_rubber_block_img_url": "ゴムブロックの画像URL",
"_disappearing_block_img_url": "消えたりするブロックの画像URL"
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