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is a neo4j version manager for nodejs. it will download and extract whichever version of neo4j you ask for.


npm install neo4j-vm


var nvm = require('neo4j-vm');
nvm('1.9.M01', 'community', function(err, neodir) {
  //assuming nothing went wrong, neodir is now an absolute path to the neo4j
  //directory of the version you requested.


function neo4jvm(version, edition, noclean, callback)

  • version - the version of neo4j - for example '1.9.M01'
  • edition - the edition of neo4j - for example 'community'
  • noclean (optional, default=true) - in the event that this version has already be downloaded, if this is set to true, callback is immediately called with the path of that install
  • callback - function(err, absolutePathToNeo4jInstall)

note about speed

Neo4j is about 50mb. The first time you download a version, it takes a little while (dependant on your connection and location, of course).

note about portability

neo4jvm uses curl and some native binaries like rm to function. Consequently, it will not work on windows.