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dust: norns incantations

user data for the norns system

  • scripts - scripts, subfolders by author
  • lib/sc - engines
  • lib/lua - lua modules
  • data - various script data, including system.lua which stores the last script run. authors/scripts can create their own subfolders here to store presets, audio data, etc.
  • audio - assorted audio files, with subfolders for organization. includes tape which is the destination for direct-to-disk recordings from the norns system.


dust was created many people. contributions are welcome.

  • collaboration is encouraged. when modifying an existing script please consider contributing to the original rather than submitting a new version with minor differences.
  • please include documentation for any scripts submitted (particularly the comment text at the top of the script).
  • do not submit semi-functioning works-in-progress.
  • make a concerted attempt at code legibility. (style guide forthcoming.)
  • feel free to create your own subfolder in scripts.
  • bug fixes are always appreciated!