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Yet another DCPU-16 assembler
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DAS DCPU-16 Assembler

This is a command-line assembler, written in C, for the DCPU-16 processor; if you don't know what that is, see

I don't like reading! Shut up and give me binaries!

Okay, sheesh. [Binaries for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX are here] (

I like reading. Tell me about it.

  • Agressively optimised short literals, even when they depend on complicated expressions involving symbols
  • Spec 1.7 compliant
  • Compile-time constant expressions supporting symbols and most C arithmetic and bitwise operators, e.g.
	SET A, [(labelA - labelB) * 0xff >> 3]
	DAT label + 2
  • Strings support C escape sequences e.g. "\x0f\t1f CHARACTERS\n\0"
  • Supports .set or .equ for explicit symbols
  • Supports :notch-style or traditional: label syntax
  • Accepts PICK/POP and [SP + const]/[SP++] stack styles and will translate and print either style
  • Little/big endian output switch (default little-endian)
  • Accepts lowercase opcodes and register names
  • Pretty printed annotated assembly dump shows machine code and optional PC. Example showing some short literal optimisation and a combined P-string / C-string:
0000 :a1            SET A, a2 + 0x20 - b2                   ; 7c01 001f
0002 :b1
0002 :a2            SET A, a1 + 0x20 - b1                   ; fc01
0003 :b2
0003 :pstring       DAT after - cstring - 1                 ; 000a
0004 :cstring       DAT "ten chars!\0"
0004                    ; 0074 0065 006e 0020 0063 0068 0061 0072
000c                    ; 0073 0021 0000
000f :after


Just run das with no arguments to get something like this:

BlueDAS DCPU-16 Assembler, version 0.13
Latest and docs at:

Usage: das [OPTIONS] asmfile

  -o outfile         Write binary to outfile, default das-out.bin
  -v, --verbose      Be more chatty (normally silent on success)
  -d, --dump         Dump human-readable listing to stdout
  --dumpfile file    Dump to file instead
  --no-dump-pc       Omit PC column from dump; makes dump a valid source file
  --sp-style         Dump [SP] style for stack access. Default PUSH/POP style
  --le               Generate little-endian binary (default big-endian)

The character '-' for files means read/write to stdin/stdout instead.

How do I install it?

make install if you're compiling (works for me on Linux + GCC, anything else: Good luck).

If using the precompiled binaries, Linux and Windows users just copy the executable somewhere in your PATH, or wherever you like.

#0x10x-dev user 'startling' contributed an install script for OSX users who have homebrew installed. I can't vouch for this but you might like to try this command:

brew install

It looks pretty cool but I wish it could...

Email me or raise an issue on github. I just might prioritise it.

Shortcomings / TODO list

  • Better syntax error messages
  • Include files
  • Macros
  • .org, .align
  • Local symbols
  • Relocation and linking; extern and global symbols
  • Aim to support llvm-dcpu16

DCPU-16 spec 1.7 can be found here:

BlueDAS is written by Jon Povey a.k.a. blueshift / cheese_magnet, for fun and to learn lex and yacc.
Comments, patches, abuse welcome.

This project includes GPLv2 parts from the Linux kernel, so I suppose I'll release it GPLv2.

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