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Smart MUltipleXed IRC program.

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Fix openSUSE build.

The problem is that the openSUSE Nini package considers Nini.dll to be an
unstable assembly, and as per documented guidelines [0] it is not installed
into the GAC (which differs from Debian practice for this assembly).

Consequently, attempting to build Smuxi results in a compiler error, as
the NINI_LIBS value returned by pkg-config was '-r:Nini.dll', and Nini.dll
didn't exist within e.g. src/Engine/ at build time.

(An interesting side-note is that the openSUSE Build Service Smuxi package
explicitly copies Nini.dll into src/Engine, then sets MONO_PATH in order to
build Smuxi.  Using MONO_PATH is usually a hack, though, hence attempts to
"properly" fix it here.)

The workaround is to check the output of
`pkg-config --variable=Libraries nini-1.1`.  On Debian, this is the empty
string (as their nini-1.1.pc file doesn't have a Libraries variable), while on
openSUSE this is a file path.  If the length is non-zero, we assume openSUSE
semantics of a private assembly, and set NINI_LIBS accordingly.  Otherwise, we
continue with the existing Debian behavior of using NINI_LIBS as returned by
PKG_CHECK_MODULES() ~directly.

This also updates src/Engine/ so that on openSUSE we deploy
Nini.dll into the installation directory (along with smuxi-engine.dll, etc.).

latest commit 31212f8aec
Jonathan Pryor authored
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In order to run smuxi you need the following software

Linux Installation (Gtk#/Gnome#)
On Linux smuxi can use the Gnome# or the Gtk# GUI library, Gnome# is 
prefered, as configuration backend an INI file is used.

you need:
- Mono >= 1.2.6 [0]
- Gtk# >= 2.8.0 [1]


If you use Debian Sid/Unstable and build smuxi from source you can do:
apt-get install mono-runtime libmono-system-remoting2.0-cil
apt-get install libgnome2.0-cil (if you want to use Gnome#)
apt-get install libgtk2.0-cil (if you want to use Gtk#)

Or using the official Debian packages just do:
apt-get install smuxi-frontend-gnome-irc

Windows Installation
On Windows smuxi has to use Gtk#, as configuration backend an simple 
INI file is used.

you need:
- Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework Runtime [0]
- Nini >= 0.7.1 (bundled with binary installer) [1]
- Gtk# >= 2.8.0 for MS .NET [2]
- Mono >= 1.2.6 + Gtk# >= 2.8.0 for Mono [3]

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