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yourls-jappix is a plugin for YOURLS. The plugin adds a JappixMini chat on your Yourls admin pages.

Obviously, you need a valid Yourls installation and a valid Jappix installation.

This plugin has been tested on Yourls:


  1. Unzip the plugin. You get a "yourls-jappix" folder
  2. Upload this folder into the user/plugins folder of your Yourls installation
  3. Edit your config.php file (located at user/config.php in your Yourls installation)
  4. Define the URL of your Jappix installation by inserting the following line at the end of your config.php file. Adapt the URL "" to your Jappix installation's URL (No trailing slash !!!), and save changes to config.php
  5. Define more options, like the example below:
// Enable the service
// default: false
define('JAPPIX_ENABLE', true);

// Enable JappixMini only for logged users
// Jappix won't show on the login page with this set to true
// default: false

// The Jappix server's URL. No trailing slash !!! And no final /php (it will be added for you) !
// default: ''
define('JAPPIX_URL', '');

// Define the lang for Jappix
// Choose one of the following:
// ar bg cs de en eo es et fa fr he hu id it ja la lb
// mn nl oc pl pt-br pt ru sk sv tr uk zh-cn zh-tw
// default: 'en'
define('JAPPIX_LANG', 'fr');

// Define the resource (as in 'What kind of resource is talking to Jappix?').
// Choose any string you want.
// default: 'Yourls'
define('JAPPIX_RESOURCE', 'Yourls');

// Define the the domain for your connection
// default: ''
define('JAPPIX_DOMAIN', '');

// Use the option below to disable anonymous mode
// default: false
define('JAPPIX_AUTH', true);

// With JAPPIX_AUTH to true, you can enable login with user and password
// On Jappix and Jabber in general, a login is like an email:
// Here, the user part is defined below,
// and the domain part is defined by JAPPIX_DOMAIN
// default: ''
define('JAPPIX_USER', 'dave');
// default: ''
define('JAPPIX_PASSWORD', 'secret');

// Auto-connect? Should work in anonymous or logged modes
// default: false
define('JAPPIX_AUTOCONNECT', true);

// Define your Jappix Nickname
// if not defined or if equals to "", a random nickname will be chosen
// default: ''
define('JAPPIX_NICKNAME', 'davZ');

// Animate JappixMini?
// Note that the animation only occurs if $jappixAutoConnect equals false
// and if $jappixGroupChats is an empty array or is not defined.
// default: false
define('JAPPIX_ANIMATE', true);

// Define the error URL (URL of the link that will be displayed if connection fails
// If not defined, it defaults to ''
// default: ''
define('JAPPIX_ERROR_LINK', '');

// Disable JappixMini on mobile devices?
// default: false
define('JAPPIX_DISABLE_MOBILE', true);

// Group chats to join at launch (you must provide an array of strings here)
// default: array()
$jappix_groupchats = array("");

Finally, activate the plugin in the admin area


This theme is licensed under MIT License.


A plugin for YOURLS that adds a JappixMini chat on Yourls admin pages







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