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* Added atLeast(count) and atLeastOnce() for verifyCount(). Thanks to: Markus Gasser
* Handle Class as both argument type and return type. Thanks to: David Hart
* Added support for -isKindOfClass: to object mocks. Thanks to: Tim Pesce
* No more need to specify "Other Linker Flags"! Depending on your project, you may be able to eliminate:
* -lstdc++
* -ObjC
== Version 0.22 ==
18 Mar 2012
* Added mockClass(É) which mocks a class object. Thanks to: David Hart
* Added mockObjectAndProtocol(Class, Protocol) which mocks an object of a given class that also implements a given protocol. Thanks to: Kevin Lundberg
== Version 0.21 ==
09 Mar 2012
* Added mockProtocol(É) which mocks an object implementing a given protocol.
* given(É) now supports methods returning float or double. Thanks to: Markus Gasser
* verify(É) and verifyCount(É) check that argument is a mock object.
* Eliminated givenPreviousCall.
* Changed build configuration to Debug during initial development.
== Version 0.1 ==
24 Nov 2011 prerelease
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