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README: Explain why it's better to use pre-built download

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@@ -19,7 +19,16 @@ Key differences from other mocking frameworks:
Mac and iOS
-OCMockito supports both Mac and iOS development.
+Rather than build OCMockito yourself, I recommend you use the pre-built release
+available in [Downloads]( This
+works for projects using Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) as well as for
+projects using traditional memory management.
+(But if you still want to build OCMockito yourself, go into the Source folder
+and execute ```` from Terminal.)
+The steps vary slightly depending on whether your project is a Mac project or an
+iOS project:
@@ -46,8 +55,6 @@ double-check your Copy Files phase.
-If you want to build OCMockitoIOS.framework, run Source/ But it's easier to get it pre-built from [Downloads](
Add both OCHamcrestIOS.framework and OCMockitoIOS.framework to your project.

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