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Version 2.0.1

14 Oct 2015

Compatibility-breaking Change:

  • Eliminated reset(mock) since reset was likely to clash with mocked methods. Call
    stopMocking(mock) instead.


  • Fixed crash when multiple mock objects are at play on multiple threads.


  • Stub void methods with givenVoid(…). Thanks to: Lysann Schlegel
  • Added atMost(count) for verifyCount(). Thanks to: Emile Cantin


  • Use stopMocking(…) if a -dealloc of your System Under Test is trying to message an object that
    is mocked. It disables message handling on the mock and frees its retained arguments. This
    prevents retain cycles and crashes during test clean-up. See StopMockingTests.m for an example.
  • NSInvocation+OCMockito.h is now imported by OCMockito.h, so it no longer needs a separate import.


  • Deprecated MKTCapturingMatcher; use HCArgumentCaptor from OCHamcrest for capturing arguments.
    There is no need to call -capture to get a matcher to use as the argument, since HCArgumentCaptor
    is a matcher.

Project changes:

  • Updated project settings to Xcode 7, with tests now run by XCTest.