Checks for new Nvidia Display Drivers then does an automated unattended install, or with many more options
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edGeforce Driver Check (GDC)

Checks for new Nvidia Display Drivers then does an automated unattended install, or with many more options.

Copyright (c) 2014 Jon Retting

git clone

Latest v1.921



Release Notes:


  • added checks for 7za extracted windows ACLs
  • fixed fixed not being able to execute installer


  • removed 7z auto download and symlink functionality
  • added 7za to replace 7z
  • added 7za binary to GDC
  • added 7za dependency check
  • beta -U arg to remove previous driver version using windows PnPUtil
  • added ShieldWirelessController and GfExperienceService to excluxed list
  • rename func.src to
  • update wget Mozilla user agent rv to 34.0


  • fixed pathing issue

1.0915 :

  • posix compliancy
  • removed bash arrays
  • use command instead of hash
  • source in functions (func.src)
  • source in config (config.conf)
  • removed superfluous files
  • update README info

1.09 :

  • removed various bashisms


  • Requires CYGWIN
  • No configuration needed to run, simply bash/sh/dash/ash
  • Currently supports: Windows 7 x64, Server 2008 r2, Windows 8/8.1 x64, (Server 2012 Untested)
  • Works with Desktop and Notebook Graphics adapters
  • Can be called from anywhere (supports alias/symlinks/shortcuts)
  • Compares your current version with latest available from Nvidias website
  • Downloads latest version if current version is older
  • Supports the international driver package version when [-i] is invoked
  • User interaction required before download/install procedure
  • Go fully unattended with the [-s] silent install option or [-y] yes-to-all
  • Option to Force-Reinstall latest version will verify integrity of downloaded archive and re-install
  • Default config will only install Display Driver, HD-Audio, and PshyX (customize in config.conf)
  • Specify default configuration options in config.conf
  • Displays Nvidia installation progress box
  • Only check if a new version is available with [-C]
  • Runs driver setup with all driver packages when [-A] is invoked activate attended install
  • Searches for 7-Zip (7z.exe) will prompt for optional creation of symlink
  • If 7zip is not found, GDC will prompt to download x64 msi, then prompt to install


wget, 7-Zip

OPTIONS: [-asycCAirVh] [-d=/download/path]
-a    Attended install (user must traverse Nvidia setup GUI)
-s    Silent install (don’t show Nvidia progress bar)
-y    Answer 'yes' to all prompts
-c    Clean install (removes all saved profiles and settings)
-d    Specify download location
-C    Only check for new version (returns version#, 0=update available, 1=no update)
-R    Force Reinstalls latest driver version (integrity checks on current installer package)
-A    Enable all Nvidia packages (GFExperience, NV3DVision, etc) uses attended install
-i    Download international driver package (driver package for non-English installs)
-r    Don't disable reboot prompt when reboot is needed (could be bugged)
-V    Displays version info
-h    this crupt

See INFO for more information


  • Run default ./

  • Run with International (driver package for non English installs) ./ -i

  • Run with all packages enabled (GFexperience, Geforce Vission, etc) fully attended install ./ -A

  • Run with fully attended install enabled, will requires user to progress through Nvidia setup GUI ./ -a

  • Run completely silent answers "yes" to all prompts, doesn't display any Nvidia GUI (no driver install progress window) ./ -s

  • Run and only see if you need an update and exit ./ -C

  • Run with Download path specified, yes to all prompts, and silent driver install (no Nvidia GUI) ./ -d "/home/me/Downloads" -s -y


  • *add GDC rollback functionality to previously installed driver
  • *trap ctrl-c/z and kill anything and everything script executed
  • *use logger instead of tee, use custom logit to windows events
  • *make compatible with multiple installed nvidia card environments
  • remove .sh suffix for release candidate
  • correct handling of assorted nvidia graphics hardware
  • create windows shortcuts to option
  • allow for other types ex: x86 version, only whql
  • *add geforce inspector tool install options
  • add driver purge style installation, complete graphics driver removal